Outdoor spaces are currently a top trend in residential interior design. From patios and gardens to outdoor kitchens, people are seeking ways to be connected to nature through their living spaces.

This trend is also taking hold for best kitchen island design bathrooms. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create an outdoor-inspired bathroom.

1. Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is a luxurious extension of an indoor bathroom, offering access to your pool, comfortable seating for bathing, and space to wash off after spending time outdoors in the garden. An outdoor shower can transform your home into a true getaway with all these features.

However, to make the most of this secluded spot it’s essential to design it correctly and check local building codes first. In some municipalities, outdoor showers must drain gray water into the soil instead of entering your sewage system or contaminating groundwater.

Drainage systems include shower pans, French drains and dry wells. However, for many homeowners the most convenient choice is simply allowing the runoff from showers to seep into the ground.

2. Outdoor Washbasin

Outdoor washbasins are great for washing hands, rinsing off freshly picked fruits and vegetables, or watering planter pots. Not only do they keep dirt out of your house but they make an attractive, practical addition to your garden.

Your outdoor sink’s design should be determined by how you plan to use it. If you plan to do a lot of washing and rinsing, a single-bowl sink will give you more room to store bulky pots and pans.

If you need to wash large cooking pots or grill trays, a double-bowl sink is your best bet. A divider separates the two basins, making it simple to separate dirty from clean dishes while washing.

3. Outdoor Bathtub

Are you searching for a way to create an outdoor haven in your backyard? Consider installing an outdoor bathtub. These tubs are becoming more and more popular, offering an equally soothing spa experience as an indoor tub.

The great thing about outdoor tubs is their customizability. You can make them smaller, more private, drainable and jet-free to suit your individual needs.

These tubs offer endless design possibilities, making them one of the best mx kitchen bathrooms outdoors. DIY projects or hiring someone to construct them for you is both possible; if privacy is an issue, install a privacy screen or hedges around the area to block views from neighbors.

4. Outdoor Toilet

Many gardeners and allotment holders have long desired an outdoor toilet, but installing sanitary facilities in such an outdoor space can be challenging without special connections.

Fortunately, the solution is straightforward and more economical than installing an entire indoor bathroom. Whether you’re on vacation, have an allotment, or simply want to be greener, there are plenty of great designs available for purchase.

For an authentic look, consider adding wooden walls and a high-level cistern. For a modern take on traditional outhouses, add some exterior wood paint for some visual interest.

5. Outdoor Sink

An outdoor sink is the perfect way to enhance the functionality of your backyard. With the appropriate design, you can wash dishes, rinse out drinks and even prep food in style.

The ideal sinks are designed for outdoor use and won’t rust or corrode when exposed to rain, salt air, and sun. Plus they’re easy to clean and hygienic – perfect for the perfect sink!

Some sinks are made from natural stone, offering an organic aesthetic in your garden. Unfortunately, it’s heavier than stainless steel or ceramic options.

You can build a custom outdoor sink from wood. However, make sure the frame can support the weight and ensure it has enough strength to withstand outdoor elements.